General benefits for American Express partners:

  • direct contact with the best local and inbound customers
  • Membership Rewards – loyalty program that stimulates higher customer spend
  • great opportunity for increasing income by making an exclusive offer to the best and highest spending customers
  • cost cutting – marketing support and loyalty program (Membership Rewards) at no additional cost
  • enhanced customer service, larger selection of payment options
  • even increased prestige, reliability and positive image in the customers’ eyes

Statistics about American Express cardmemebers:

  •  American Express® Card users have 48% higher household income than non-users. Consequently, their expenditure is also higher than the average
  • American Express® Card users spend as much as 74% more than the average when traveling abroad (including almost 1.5 million business users in Europe)
  • American Express® Card users spend three times more money per month at restaurants which they visit twice as often as non-users
  • 2/3 American Express® Card users decide whether to enter a store based on the American Express® card sign displayed at the entrance
  • American Express® Card users are very loyal customers – always glad to come back to the places that accept American Express® Card


Please note: Your business should be based in Georgia. To apply by phone please call the Bank of Georgia Merchant Team on: 444 444 (7393), 444 444 (7672), 444 444 (7789), 444 444 (7293), 444 444 (7394), 444 444 (7083); E-mail:

  • Fast payment
  • Cost-effective and reliable point of purchase terminals
  • Cardmembers that spend considerably more than the national average1.
1. Card Usage & Attitude Survey, Research International 2004, State of the World's Finances, Roper Reports Worldwide, April 2004